SF1 · 9 Men 12 Rules


Learning from the old ones to make something new

We need to know some “grammar rules” to allow the most important messages of a scene to be delivered, without any useless distraction. This art – in all its forms and techniques – has evolved a lot in the last decades and thanks to passionate and serious studies we now have a complex and sophisticated communication system to breathe life into objects and drawings and make true stories, even if not real.

9 Old Men

This course is to deeply understand each and every one of the 12 golden rules of animation conceived by the Nine Old Men of the Disney animation core crew and put in theory by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in the book The Illusion Of Life.

Squash and Stretch
Straight Ahead and Pose to Pose
Follow Through and Overlapping
Slow In and Slow Out
Secondary action
Solid Drawings

But that’s not all. Each and every one of those rules comes from the intellectual work and struggle of several unique individuals. That struggle gives a real value to those discoveries: doubts, pain, failures and frustrations by each one of the cartoon animation pioneers. Their personality, weaknesses, personal victories and defeats: all this is a huge source of inspiration and the best way to definitely impress in our memory the 12 golden rules. Let’s take advantage of others’ struggle and put some struggle on new challenges, then answer to the only important question of any artist : how can I do it better ?

2 weeks of masterclass

(80 HOURS > 10 DAYS)

Description Hours %
Dailies 10,5 13.13
History 9 11.25
Theory 6,5 8.13
Exercises 54 67.5

1 week with focused exercises

(40 HOURS > 5 DAYS)

We will spend the third and last week of the course working on individual research shots: body mechanics, golden principles applications and experiments. Each student will chose a theme and realize a shot or more, with the teacher as “animation supervisor” on his individual work.